Classic Hits 666
"The Best Tunes Ever"

Classic Hits 666 is owned and operated by Hits Radio Pty Ltd. We are one of only two independent commercial radio operators left in Western Australia. We broadcast from our Carnarvon studio which is situated at 7 Stuart Street, 24 hours per day/7 days per week. We also have a re-transmission site in Onslow.
As we aren't part of any network, all of our programs are designed just for our Gascoyne and Pilbara listeners, which means on Classic Hits 666 we only play "the best tunes ever" from the 50's through to the mid 1990's.

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We apologise that the Classic Hits 666 streaming service is no longer available.
Due to a recent Federal Court ruling, streaming of this service over the Internet is no longer considered to be a simultaneous transmission of our radio broadcast.
As a consequence, there are now music licensing issues that prevent us from continuing to provide this stream.

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